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Block-Beater Set-up Instructions:

Before you order on-line or call us to place an order you MUST have the following available:

  1. The Telephone / Wireless Number that you would like our service to monitor. ("Phone A")  The Telephone / Wireless Number you are receiving the Harassing Calls on ("Phone A") MUST have call forwarding capability.

  2. Also you need the Call Forwarding code from your carrier. You should also know the code to turn off call forwarding when the service is over.

  3. Another Telephone / Wireless Number you would like us to forward your calls to while the service is on. ("Phone B"). If "Phone B" has Caller ID you will be able to see the callers number instantly for every call.

  4. Once you have the above information a customer service representative will assign you an access number. This access number is the number you will forward "Phone A" to. Our system will automatically re-route all calls made to "Phone B" as we capture the caller's number.

This entire process is completely transparent to the caller.

It is not necessary to have another phone number to forward your calls to, however, by having one you can see the callers number instantly every time. If you do not have another phone, all calls will go directly to a generic voice mail.

For the subscription period you purchase, the service is YOURS, regardless if you want to have your calls forwarded to our system 24 hours/day or simply for the time frame you normally expect the Harassing Calls to occur. During your subscription you are in control of how long or how often you wish to forward calls to our system.

You may use "Phone A" at any time, however, if you are on the phone when someone calls you - our system WILL NOT be able to track that call. To be safe it would be best to stay off "Phone A". You may use "Phone B" normally without service interruption.

Once the system is operational you may test it at any time by calling "Phone A" from any blocked number you wish, however, DO NOT call "Phone A" from "Phone A", if this is done the system will reset and your service will have to be set-up again.

Reporting: Unless otherwise requested, we will send a full report of all call activity at the end of your subscription period via email. This report details the Date / Time / "Phone A" Number / Number that Called / Duration of each call.

Police Reports: If you are gathering information to file a police report our services can be admissible in court.

The service is ONLY available in the United States


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