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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place my order?

We strongly recommend placing your on-line and making payment with your credit card on our secure server. Your order will enjoy immediate attention when placed online. Rest assured that your credit card information is not stored on our secure server. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology so you never have to worry about your credit card number.

If you prefer, you may place your order by email, fax, or regular mail; however, services not ordered online will take longer to deliver. Please refer to the bottom of this page for our contact information.

What is the fastest way to order?

Just to reiterate, without a doubt, the fastest way to place your order is online and pay with your credit card on our secure server. Your order will enjoy immediate attention when placed online.

What credit cards do you accept?

When ordering online on our secure server we can accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Please do not send your credit card information via email, fax or regular mail.

We can also accept the following as payment:

  • A cashier's check drawn on a U.S. bank
  • Pay Pal - email address is
  • Money Order (US currency only)

Money orders can be obtained from financial institutions and most post offices. If ordering outside the USA, always ask for an "international money order". Our Canadian clients may also use Canadian (non-international) money orders in US currency.

Such payments should be made payable to North Texas PI and sent to:

North Texas PI
1030 East Hwy 377 #110-360
Granbury, TX 76048

Should the above forms be unavailable or inconvenient, we also accept cash (US currency only for the exact amount of the search, please do not send coins). We strongly recommend insuring mailings containing cash. Please inquire at your post office about the best options available to you. Please note that we do not recommend sending cash through the mail.

How do I know my credit card payment has been processed?

When you submit your credit card information and your payment is approved, you will be given a receipt and issued a invoice number. This number will appear on your confirmation screen. We suggest you write it down (or print the page using your browser's Print function) for your reference. Please include the transaction number in the subject line of any correspondence.

Can I change or cancel my order once submitted?

Orders placed online are processed immediately. It is therefore almost impossible to cancel or change an online order once submitted and the credit card has been approved. You may need to place a new order with the right information. If your original order was placed for the wrong search and no information is found, you most likely won't be charged, however if you know the information or search was wrong, please contact us immediately by email at our customer care email address.


How will I receive the results of my search?

You will receive the results of your search by email unless you specified otherwise at the time you place the order. This has proven as the fastest and most convenient means of delivery for most clients. Please make sure we have your complete and correct email address. Without a working email address, we may be unable to deliver the results of your search promptly. Providing a working email address is the responsibility of the client.

How soon will I receive the results?

Please review the "Estimated Turn Around Time" for each search. Most are completed and results delivered within 1 - 3 business days of receipt of order and payment unless otherwise noted. Results will be sent to you as soon as they become available. Please note that our "turn around" times are estimated based on an average of searches performed.


Are the searches confidential?

YES, Absolutely, Positively. All searches are completely confidential. We will never make our clients' information available to a third party.

Will the person I requested information about know that I am trying to find his/her information?

No, never. We never contact the owners of phone numbers searched. The owner has no way of knowing about the search or who ordered it. The same holds true for any type of search we provide -- no one will know about your search unless you tell them yourself.


Is it secure to make online credit card payments on your site?

Yes. For credit card payments and verification, we us SSL technology and a payment gateway to protect you credit card information. Your credit card information will be transmitted via a secure server. We never store credit card information on our website or our servers.

How will I know that my order and payment have been received?

Each search screen (form) is followed by an order form with your name, address, email address, and credit card information. Once submitted and approved, you will see a screen confirming that "Your order was successfully submitted" and you will be able to print the transaction receipt.


What is the difference between "unlisted" & "unpublished" number?

None. The expressions, "unlisted number", "unpublished number" and "non-published number" (also known as "non-pub") all mean the same. These numbers are not listed in the local Telephone Directory and not normally available through Directory Assistance (411) or telephone operators (0 or 00).

What is a CNA?

CNA stands for Customer Name & Address. If you have a phone number and you want to find the persons name and/or address that goes with that phone number if it's listed, unlisted, non-published, unpublished or whatever, we can find it... Guaranteed or no fee*.

* Make sure you use the right search for the right phone number, Residential land line , Cellular # or Pager #

Can you find ANY phone number?

Please refer to our Directory for search categories. Our success (hit) rate is very high, but we may not be able to find information on maximum security numbers and certain special numbers, such as blocked government numbers for example. In such cases, we will refund your payment under our no information - no charge policy.

What happens if I order an unlisted number search, and the number turns out to be a pager or cell phone number?

To avoid delays, we suggest that you check for the existence of the expected result prior to placing your order whenever possible. For example, you may want to dial the phone number and see if you get a pager or cell message, or dial 411 or 00 and ask the operator. Additionally we have provided an automated free check as indicated on all pages; while it is not 100% accurate, it provides the correct answer most of the time.

Do you offer quantity discounts for high volume orders?

Yes, depending on your situation.

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